Big stage,
big adventure

Do you want to be an onstage moderator?
Come on tour with us!

We love adventure and people who push their limits. Our events and film programs bring their stories to the big screen.

As a moderator, you will present our films and guide our audiences through our events.

Our events, your stage

  • Over 1000 live events per year with 200–2000 spectators

  • An enthusiastic, engaged, and outdoor-active audience

  • Exciting and inspiring adventure and sustainability topics

  • Interviews with our adventurers, filmmakers, NGOs, and more

Our network, your contacts

  • Become part of our moderator network

  • Make contacts in the outdoor industry

  • Experience team spirit and diversity

©Hans Martin Kudlinski

Our know-how, your development

  • Gain live experience at several film tour events

  • Receive regular 1:1 feedback from Caren Alt, Moderator and Moderation Manager

  • Acquire skills and techniques for stage moderation in our annual workshop and network with other moderators

Your contact person

Through our film tours, we motivate our audience to live their own adventures. It’s always exciting on tour—every city, every venue, and especially every audience is unique. Our films, adventurers, and filmmakers have motivated me personally to pursue my own exciting adventures, and I really enjoy being part of this community!

Caren Alt
(Moderator & Moderation Manager at Moving Adventures Medien)
Moderating for Moving Adventures Medien since 2010

Our stages - from S to XXL

What our moderators say

James Sherwood
(presenter & producer), has been moderating for Moving Adventures Medien since 2015

Patricia Klein
(event moderator, communication & marketing)

Femke Rutgers
(student & presenter), has been moderating for Moving Adventures Medien since 2023

Presenting for a live audience at the EOFT is the ideal start to gain a foothold in the world of event moderation. Being on stage in front of 1000 people has provided me with a lot of confidence for my future career. Thanks to the EOFT, I am successfully booked as a moderator today.

Mirjam Jäger
(Swiss presenter and entrepreneur),
has been moderating for Moving Adventures Medien since 2014

Presenting for Moving Adventures Medien is not only special on stage, you are also on the road with a team that consists of interesting people who love traveling the world and going to the events and also bring their own personal perspective on life. Exciting conversations guaranteed!

Jan König
(presenter and singer),
has been moderating for Moving Adventures Medien since 2016

Presenting on a different stage every day.
Continually inspiring new audiences.
On the road with a fantastic team.
This is why I love being on tour!

Bettina Zbinden
(actress, editor and presenter),
has been moderating for Moving Adventures Media since 2018

We look forward to meeting you!

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