Freundschaft auf Zeit

a film by August Pflugfelder

What makes a friendship fall to pieces? Two extreme mountain climbers are closely bound by their common ambition to climb the highest peak in the world in record time. Their joint ascent to the summit of Broad Peak in Pakistan, which is more than 800 m high, questions the mutual trust necessary to be able to unconditionally rely on each other. In addition, it pushes them to their physical and mental limits. Was it actually a common goal or has their goal become a competition against each other? The peak stands in between them and has become their personal Mountain of Doom. After this failure, which has left their friendship with deep wounds, there will be no further venture together.

FREUNDSCHAFT AUF ZEIT is not a mountain film in the traditional sense. In this case, the mountain is only the pretext, the backdrop for a troubled story about friendship between two men. However, the film also questions the sporting ambition of extreme mountaineers, which has put both of them at great risk and causes the loss of many human lives every year.



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